Suez canal transit

Suez Canal Transit

More than 45 years of canal transit experience

Our experienced and fully dedicated operations team at Port Said and Suez are working 24/7 to ensure smooth transit and handle all ship requirements during transit. We are continuously monitoring the updates regarding Suez Canal rules and regulations and always keep our partners informed ensuring efficient operation

We are experts on Suez Canal rebates and can give you all the required information and arrange all the formalities with SC authorities and negotiate on owners behalf to reach the best possible outcome.

We can arrange below services for vessels in SC transit

  • Crew change
  • Cash to master
  • Spare parts delivery on-board vessel
  • Bunker and lubricants supply
  • Supply (provisions, bonded, deck, engine, cabin..etc.)
  • Underwater operations (inspections, repairs, welding and hull cleaning)
  • Surveys
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